Why do bad things happen to Calvin Klein models?

As this murky, undercover video shows, Calvin Klein model Tyson Ballou recently returned home to discover that burglars had stripped the place of all furnishings, rugs, art, photographs, food and comfort, leaving nothing but a hollow concrete shell; well that and Lara Stone, fellow Calvin Klein house model/burglary victim. Trooper though she is, Lara found it impossible to get comfortable on the cold concrete floor of the house, and following what seems like an eternity (by Calvin Klein) laying on freezing cold surfaces, poor Lara could take it no more. She confronted Tyson (in a minimalist, unemotional kind of way) about the lack of warmth in their now terrifyingly stark flat, and stormed off by convertible car and private jet (how very 2007 of her) into the arms, and more importantly, warmly furnished bedroom of her back up lover -- an unseen billionaire reported to be in the soft furnishings business.