The dirtiest logo on earth (and sea)

I was standing at the corner of Houston and Lafayette last week - site of a longstanding BP station - when I looked up to see iconic BP logo splattered with what looked like raw sewage.  Camera-less and phone-less at the time (yes, I'd been mugged) I vowed to go back to the same location the next day and record the defaced logo for posterity, and more immediately this blog posting.  When I returned, the oily, red-brown sludge had been completely wiped off and the sunny green logo was beaming away as if nothing had ever happened.  It won't be nearly that easy for BP to erase the damage they have inflicted.  Their logo will forever be covered in mud.

On the same subject but a completely different note, the brilliant raconteur, writeur and window dresseur, Simon Doonan wrote a cover story for The Daily Beast over the weekend about how the oil crisis might best be handled. Exhibiting his signature wit and a blatant lack of logic, dazzling Doonan posits that the mess in the Gulf would have been cleaned up by now if "the coolest black drag queen on the planet, Dorian Corey" (since deceased) had been in charge.  Read on: