An accident waiting to happen

Apparently a $7 bottle of chianti and candlelight no longer does the trick.  According to these Cialis ads (yes, it's a campaign) there's nothing quite like a wall of cold white porcelain between you and your mate to turn "a relaxing moment into the right moment".  In order to facilitate the spark of desire, Cialis suggests arranging side-by-side tubs on a beach or overlooking a tranquil valley.  Perhaps the erectile disfunction experts at Cialis could also suggest the number of a crane company or a few burly prop stylists to help you get said tubs into place.  Call me old fashioned, but wouldn't this whole scenario be a lot easier if both participants began in the same tub?  Or better still, in the same bed?

P.S. To all - or both- my regular readers, i apologize for the brief interlude between posts.  My paid services have been in considerable demand...and naturally they come first.