Hide the candy


Should Britney's natural knees and "bathing suit bunching" stay or go? Shoe endorser Britney Spears allowed Candies to use highly retouched images of her in their ad campaign - so long as they ran the un-retouched versions too.  Regardless of whether Brit was trying to make a statement for womankind or just pick up a much needed check (discuss) this ad made me feel profoundly queasy. 

Perhaps it’s the original concept or lack thereof: employ a waning chanteuse as a spokesperson, put her into a sickly pink bathing suit and then force the poor girl to pose like a hooker in a full-length mug shot. Perhaps it’s because she looks so desperately sad and shop worn – even in the “AFTER” picture. Or perhaps it's because in their infinite wisdom Candies treated their own shoes as an after thought. Grrrr.