Give him a hand

Foiled screenwriter Mark Welsh returns to advertising, crowd goes wild.

Several lifestyles ago I wrote a screenplay set in the world of dog shows. Amazingly a producer optioned it and then shopped it around Hollywood with me in tow.  Visions of kidney shaped swimming pools began dancing in my idiotic head – visions that were reinforced by slews of agents who all enthusiastically agreed I was particularly “good in a room.”  The project even caught the eye of the great Pedro Almodovar whom I got to meet (and have dinner with!) in New York.

And then it happened.  Reality intervened in the shape of a project Christopher Guest was developing - a little something called, “Best in Show.”  GRRRRR! 

So to every screenwriter whose hopes and dreams have been dashed on the rocks of Hollywood - or a Christopher Guest movie – I salute you on this post Oscar ceremony morn.  ‘Tis better to have typed 120 pages and lost than to have never typed 120 pages at all.