Hey kids, let's pet the lethal stingray!

IT DON'T MEAN A THING IF IT AIN'T GOT THAT STING.The entire ministry of tourism for the Cayman Islands must have been hitting the Ganja pipe pretty hard last year when Steve Irwin’s sudden death by stingray barb hit the news.  How else to explain this hysterically inappropriate ad?  Did they actually think people wouldn’t connect the stingray in this ad with the one that stabbed and killed the much beloved Crocodile Hunter?    

As if that weren’t deterrent enough, both the headline and tagline clearly state something horrid will happen to you in the Caymans.  “Where once in a lifetime happens everyday” and “Far From Expected” sound more like terrifying threats than irresistible invitations to visit.  What kind of island are they running over there? And more importantly, what kind of advertising agency?

For my money, I say stick to those reliable old favorite isles, Harbor Island, Saint Barth’s and Parrot Cay.  At least the only lethal things there come in tall frosted cocktail glasses.