Lemon Chiffon: A powerful new hallucinogen?

FRESH BAKED? Models tripping out in a fish pond.

The narrative of this new Pamella Roland ad is highly confusing.  I attempted to decipher the “story” last night (it was a slow Tuesday) and came up with far more questions than answers, i.e.

1. Do women really fantasize about wading in fetid fishponds wearing evening gowns?  

2. Is the forlorn looking model on the left plotting to escape the shoot by drowning herself?

3. Is the blonde on the right communing with aliens, pumping up her tan or tripping her tits off on mushrooms? 

4. Were Koi or any other decorative fish injured during the production of this ad?

5. Did the water damage the dress?  And if so was it insured?  

6. Was the models hair dyed to match their outfits?  And if so, were they insured?

Color me confused.