Killer cockatoos invade Bulgari set

 Pecking order:  Brave actress Julianne Moore with a pair of (clearly sedated) killer Cockatoos.

This triumphant new ad for Bulgari, shot by Mert Atlas and Marcus Piggott, is at once blindingly beautiful and blindingly nightmare inducing.  Firstly the blindingly beautiful bit. 

Photographed at the Los Angeles estate of Tony Duquette (beautiful) it stars the lovely Julianne Moore, two cockatoos and a pair of 115 carat Colombian emerald teardrop earrings that totally steal the show.  (You might recognize the latter from the Golden Globes where La Moore took them out for a recent test drive).  The whole campaign has a luscious painterly look that showcases the bags, baubles and rocks to their fullest potential.

Now on to the blindingly nightmare inducing bit.  

Many years ago, when I was still a be-afro’d farm boy in the backwaters of New Zealand, my sister and I had a run in with a flock of cockatoos identical to those in the picture.

We were riding our horses through a pine forest on the property when hundreds, nay thousands of the terrifying albino avians descended upon us in full screech!  Summoning my inner Tippi Hedren, I screeched louder (and longer) than all the cockatoos combined and galloped off to the safety of home, Mum and fresh baked scones.  My sister didn’t scream as loud or run as fast and therefore suffered a few minor pecks and clawings that no doubt haunt her to this day.  

Love the emeralds, but you won't find me within 50 yards of a cockatoo - at least not without a rifle. 




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