Like many of my creative brethren, I’ve never had much of a knack with money. My past is littered with foolish investments, including an Alpha Romeo Spider that looked great but seldom ran, an apartment on west 22nd street (purchased because I loved the faux marble cardboard pillar in the living room) and a $2,000 Claude Montana leather jacket with gigantic shoulder pads and a cinched waist.  Try getting your money back on that “investment” after the great shoulder pad crash of 1999. 

But now it seems my luck has turned.  It all began last week when my stockbroker called with congratulations – needless to say, his first ever.  The J.Crew stock I’d asked him to purchase years ago had finally paid off.  J.Crew and Mickey Drexler had officially sold the company to a buyout firm for $2.8 billion dollars, a happy event that increased my personal wealth by tens of hundreds of dollars!

With Mickey Drexler personally gaining a reported $300 million from this deal, it’s inevitable that other companies have begun to look eerily similar to J.Crew of late.  Ironically however, the very originators of the look are doing the best imitation of all.