After 34 years in the shoe business Marc Fisher wanted to do more than make beautiful shoes;  he wanted to make his Marc. In 2015 he introduced Marc Fisher Ltd. a new brand that aligned his passion for footwear with the greater purpose of recognizing and supporting women who make a positive difference.  The company launched with #makeyourmarc, a social media driven campaign starring Karlie Kloss.  In addition to being the best-liked model in the business, Karlie is the founder of Kode with Karlie, a scholarship program that inspires and empowers young women to learn to code.   2 years before Karlie stepped a foot on set, Marc Fisher enlisted marketing guru Stacy Lastrina to help forge a compelling identity for the soon-to-be brand, and Stacy in turn called Mark (Welsh, that is).  Mark developed the voice, devised the brand guide and executed the #makeyourmarc campaign across digital, print, and video.