During a political season rife with backbiting, muckraking, and slanderous names calling (and that’s just me) Washington D.C. chocolatier Harper Macaw and their endlessly creative agency Design Army did the brave, bold, and unthinkable.  They reached across the aisle and collaborated for the greater good.  Yep, you read that right.  In an effort to highlight DC’s thriving creative scene and empower everyone to get out and vote they hatched The Political Collection, and  invited me to get a cacao buzz on and pepper (and assault) their genius graphic wrapper designs with irreverent observations, snappy barbs, and un-PC bon mots.  (Typecast again). Finally I got the chance to feature the words “Save the Gay Whales” on a product package.  And not a gay whale too soon.  Click the image to read more.